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Mpika - how it all began

Jennifer Musakanya, from rural Zambia, is a trained nurse, midwife and health educator. She came to England initially to train and obtain a degree. On a subsequent visit, whilst caring for her widowed and sick brother and looking after his three children, she met June Martin and they became instant friends.


During Jenny's next visit to the UK in 2002 she received news from home of a major drought spreading across Africa. The crops were failing, cattle dying and things were desperate. On discovering that Jenny's own mother and family were running desperately short of food and were in danger of starvation, June realised she could not see her friend's mother starve when she herself had plenty, and so she sent what little money she could spare to help ease the immediate problem.


Discovering a large pile of boxes at the side of a neighbour's house, June realised that money could be made from the things we throw away, and so she started collecting goods for a stall. She decided to set up Mpika Relief Fund and along with Jenny went on to establish the Mpika Village of Hope orphanage.


Since then, the orphanage building has grown to incorporate a school hall, library and ten classrooms where the children receive a good primary education.


A legacy of some land nearby enabled Jenny to start her own farm and garden, which supplies home grown vegetables for the children.

Mpika Charity Orphanage School Zambia


Mpika Village of Hope is a registered charity No. 1106841


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Mpika Charity Orphanage School Zambia